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Selecting the right media for your blast application

Choosing the right media is a crucial part of the blasting process. Every media has a range of different hardness, shape and size of particles. At Guyson we carry a broad range of blast media as well as our own Guyson exclusive materials that provide additional benefits such as longevity, low dust and overall reduced […]


Guyson White Aluminum Oxide is produced from the highest quality materials and manufactured specifically for high precision blast equipment. Guyson’s White Aluminum Oxide is an immensely pure (99.5%) aluminum oxide that is offered in a variety of grit sizes as well as package sizes. As Guyson’s White Aluminum Oxide breaks down the crystals fracture evenly […]

Guyson Metalbead and non-destructive mold and die cleaning

The most common machines that utilizes Guyson Metalbead are wheel blast systems. A wheel-blasting system uses a blast wheel to throw media at a substrate on a revolving table. Wheel-blast systems are a great way to clean extrusion dies and molds due to the large amount of media one wheel can throw. On average a […]

Welcome To Our Blasting Media and Applications Blog

You have found a node of the internet dedicated to blast media and blasting applications. In this and future visits here, you will discover original articles and in-depth discussion on these subjects, answers to frequently asked questions and links to access further information that may be pertinent to your ongoing interest in blasting technology. The overall purpose of […]