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Selecting the right media for your blast application

Choosing the right media is a crucial part of the blasting process. Every media has a range of different hardness, shape and size of particles. At Guyson we carry a broad range of blast media as well as our own Guyson exclusive materials that provide additional benefits such as longevity, low dust and overall reduced operating costs. Guyson expertise goes well beyond the knowledge of distributors.

For Wheel blast machines,Guyson offers Metalbead which is unique to any other media. Guyson’s  Metalbead is a low carbon steel shot that remains round and is far less aggressive than that of conventional cleaning medias ,ideal for Mold and Die cleaning.

Guyson Metalbead

Guyson Metalbead

Guyson Metalbead consist of microscopic spheres that can clean hard to reach areas and resists fracturing leaving the mold and dies damage free. The Guyson process is proven in hundreds of installations world-wide, is gentle and highly repeatable.


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