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Plastic Blasting Media vs. Natural Blasting Media

Cleaning quickly and economically, while remaining conscious of environmental and production regulations can be a challenge, the use of plastic media in pneumatic dry blast equipment provides an answer to that challenge. Plastic media has the ability to clean rapidly without damaging surfaces. Intricate components and soft materials are not eroded with plastic media blasting. […]

Selecting the right media for your blast application

Choosing the right media is a crucial part of the blasting process. Every media has a range of different hardness, shape and size of particles. At Guyson we carry a broad range of blast media as well as our own Guyson exclusive materials that provide additional benefits such as longevity, low dust and overall reduced […]

Fast Deburring With Plastic Media Blasting Equipment

Removal of burrs can be one of the costliest secondary processes in a production machining operation. When plastic media blasting (PMB) can do the work, it is usually faster and lower in cost than alternative deburring methods.  Here are some suggestions on how to find out if it is right for your situation. One of […]