Guyson Metalbead® is a soft spherical iron media that can be used in all different types of blasting systems.

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Guyson Metalbead® and non-destructive mold and die cleaning

The most common machines that utilizes Guyson Metalbead® are wheel blast systems. A wheel-blasting system uses a blast wheel to throw media at a substrate on a revolving table. Wheel-blast systems are a great way to clean extrusion dies and molds due to the large amount of media one wheel can throw. On average a Guyson Wheel-blast machines will throw up to 150 lbs. of media a minute per wheel. The media is crucial when it comes to cleaning whatever is in the machine. If you are looking to clean a mold or die in your wheel blast system Guyson recommends Guyson Metalbead®.

Guyson Metalbead® is a soft spherical iron media that remains round and is far less aggressive that any other convention cleaning medias (Glassbead, Plastics , etc ) When using Metalbead,media consumption can be reduced from the thousands pounds per year in most glassbead installations to less than 250 pounds per year in most Guyson Metalbead ®installations. Guyson Metalbead® is the ultimate media for complex dies and molds because it consists of microscope spheres that can clean in hard to reach areas. Guyson Metalbead® is soft so it resists fracture and will leave molds or dies damage free unlike glassbead that has  sharp particles that tend eat away at the substrate .

Other additional benefits of using Guyson Metalbead ®

  • Reduced operating cost in media make-up requirements
  • Reduced equipment maintenance due to less abrasion
  • Cleaner operation because less dust is generated
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