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What’s NewLiving the Outdoor Life, and Working with Companies that Support Recreation.

Living the Outdoor Life, and Working with Companies that Support Recreation.

From the desk of Steve Byrnes
President/CEO of The Guyson Corp of USA

I was born and raised in upstate New York. My father bought me my first gun when I was 13. It was a Sweet 16 Stevens double barrel shotgun. Ever since, I have been an avid hunter. I’ve gone on many hunting excursion over the past fifty years throughout the U.S. with one of my best friends, “Uncle Bill,” and have hunted moose in the Koyukuk River area in Alaska, elk in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, and mule deer in Nebraska.

Guyson Corporation firearms and outdoor life

Dave Wright, my father in-law and a Guyson Sales Representative in the State of Florida, is also an avid hunter.

Fresh caught trout being prepped for dinner.

I know the importance of a good firearm and bow that is reliable and maintenance free. The finish and coating applied to these instruments is an important factor in their performance. And that’s where our finishing machines, the AR-MAX and its big brother the AR-MAX 2, come into play. These machines have been in operation since 1992 and now there are more than three hundred machines in the field throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. These machines are work horses and the go-to machines for cleaning glass molds and extrusion dies.

Rifle Barrel finishing, cerekote

Unfinished, blasted Finish, and Cerekote® finish

Beginning in 1997, several firearms companies became interested in our machines and used them to clean handgun frame castings, and prep for coat slides and pistol barrels. Fast forward to 2021, and these machines are better than ever, giving manufacturers the option to use different types of stainless steel medias such as Guyson Brite Bead and Britebread+, along with blends of stainless steel shot and grit to achieve the precision finish they require.

The AR-MAX is perfect for finishing AR-15 aluminum parts, along with other components such as scopes, scope rings, Picatinny rails and barrels. It is easy to dial-in the exact finish for your anodized or cerakoted part. The machine has a small footprint, uses very little air, is very quiet and very flexible. The feed gate is easily adjustable to produce a media flow rate from zero to 120 pounds per minute. For the 10 HP (MAX) version with just 10.8 FLA’s for the 5 HP and 16.1 FLA’s for the 10 HP MAX, the machine is very economical to operate.

Place your order today for the best gun finishing machine on the market, the AR-MAX.